Yep, me too. I tried  EVERYTHING.

Yep, me too. I tried EVERYTHING.


About you

If you are a stress eater, if you are a binge eater, if you are a woman who just grazes all day, if you feel like your eating is out of control and has been for a long time…

You are in the right place.

If you are sick and tired of dieting and losing weight and gaining it back and trying another diet and losing a little less and gaining more back and giving up and then trying again…

… if every time you go on a diet it gets harder and harder…

… and you put on a little more weight and that doesn’t seem right…

You are very much in the right place.

If you want to lose weight and you simply don’t have another diet in you and intuitive eating is packing on the pounds like nothing else you’ve ever tried and you’re about to give up for the final time but dammit you just want to fit into your pants and they’re not even your skinny pants…

I have good news, which is that you can get control of your eating, you can start losing weight and you can quit dieting and starving and logging and weighing and measuring and counting and monitoring yourself and noticing that other people are monitoring you - you can leave all that behind forever.

You can start making these changes today.

About me

I'm Max Daniels - a coach, writer, and recovered binge eater who once had the silhouette of a large kitchen appliance. I 100% drink my own Kool-Aid, and have a 50lb+ weight loss of over 10 years.

Here is my dirty little not-a-secret though: For many of those years that I kept weight off, I was still a bit out of control. There was still the occasional binge - a couple chocolate chip cookies the size of your head; no big thing. Or a teensy little episode of rage eating, say, after which I would collapse on the floor and completely hate myself for weeks.

This came to an end - not the cookies, of course! I still enjoy cookies - when I found a few powerhouse principles of neurology that gave me the upper hand over out-of-control eating. They’re easy to learn and I give the whole thing to you in my cheat sheet.

Around the same time I rediscovered an enormously healing pattern of eating - you may have heard of it; it's called "meals" - that has largely disappeared in my corner of the world (North America).

Word on the street is, eating meals is disappearing even in cultures with solidly established, highly valued community mealtimes that have remained the same for thousands of years.

But I’ll tell you what: When you replace wacky eating habits like

  • “never eating on an empty stomach” aka never not eating or

  • “only eating when you’re hungry,” also aka never not eating or

  • “just this once” aka all day, every day

…When you replace bad habits with an alternative that’s got no downside - meals! - it’s very easy to make habit changes that stick.

I call this work Body of Knowledge.

My approach is unique, but is informed by the work of Bee Wilson, Gillian Riley, Kathryn Hansen, Jeffrey Schwartz, Traci Mann and our grandmothers.

I hold degrees from the Colorado Institute of Art and Wellesley College. I've been in practice as a coach since 2010, and am certified in the coaching methods of Martha Beck and Melissa Tiers.

About us

Together, my clients and I demolish fattening embarrassing out-of-control eating habits, and establish beautiful delicious convivial dignified eating habits. It’s not unusual for women who’ve eaten a giant bowl of ice cream every night at 11pm for decades to break the habit after one meeting.

(Obviously, they’re not forbidding themselves to eat ice cream! They eat whatever they want. They just know how to stop their habits from hijacking their brains when they don’t want to eat ice cream.)

The Body of Knowledge approach is practical, lightweight and low-cost in time and money. It's not religious, it's not about morality, and it's nothing to do with self-improvement. In Body of Knowledge, we don't dig deep into your past - which is a fine thing to do, but isn't necessary for habit change - and we don't seek to identify or avoid triggers.

My method is for you if you want to change the way you eat, but don't know how, or haven't been able to sustain the changes you make, or have found breaking habits to be harder than it seems like it should be, or have given therapy a fair shot and it hasn’t made a difference - or if you just haven't been able to do it on your own.

It works even if you’re very, very discouraged. And it’s just not even hard.

If you want a method that you can put into practice today, this is it. If you want to start eating like a normal person by bedtime tonight, you can use this method and do just that.

Want to know more? Click here to read about the ways we can work together.

Caveat: If your goal is to lose a lot of weight quickly, Body of Knowledge is not for you. This is a method that produces permanent weight loss, and permanent weight loss takes time.