If you've tried everything...

If, for some thoughtful and sovereign reason, you want to lose weight...

... and you have tried absolutely everything, and are not getting results, and are otherwise in good health, I bet I can guess what the problem is:

I bet you have not tried doing a small number of things consistently

If you've taken one step forward and one or two or a bunch back, well, we all know what the result is. People call that "being stuck."

I think there aren't very many choices if you're stuck at a weight you don't feel good at. Unless you've got plans to walk overland from Madrid to Macau this year, the way to get unstuck is to change the way you eat. 

Obviously, that's not so easy. Most of the time when people come to me, it's because they know they have to change the way they eat, and they haven't been able to do it on their own.

But sometimes I see people who do NOT want to change the way they eat. They know there's really no other way, but part of them is still hoping for a last-minute call from Governor Oprah: YOU get out of jail free! Go forth and please accept this enormous basket of toffee as a parting gift!

I understand those people because I was one of them for a long, long, LONG-a%% time. But one day, I just had too much evidence that I was a normal person. 

I was NOT an exception to the rule that you store extra food somewhere on your body, where you and the rest of the world can see it. 

I was NOT an exception to the rule that an ultra-high-carb, all-beige diet causes weight gain. 

And I was definitely NOT an exception to the rule that when you stop eating too much, you stop weighing too much.

(Sorry to say, I was also NOT an exception to the rule that when weight comes off, it comes off slowly.)

Nope! All along, I was just a normal person who put on weight because I really liked to eat fattening things.

Now we all know there ARE exceptions. There are supermodels that eat nothing but cheeseburgers. There are people who have no choice but to take fattening medicine.

But to my knowledge, there are few exceptions and zero supermodels reading this email. If you want to lose weight, and you suspect you're just a normal person, I think you have these choices:

  • You can decide NOT to change the way you eat, and feel fine about that 

  • You can decide NOT to change the way you eat, and feel crappy and self-hating about that

  • You can have surgery <<< I do not endorse!

  • You can investigate questionable drugs <<< I REALLY DO NOT ENDORSE!

  • You can decide to change the way you eat

I highly authorize the first and last options. You can do the first right now if you like. Just keep eating any way you want! You'll stay the same size, and you'll stay a thoughtful and good person. 

Or you can do the last: Decide to change the way you eat. Make the changes as soon as practical, make them incremental (important!), make them sustainable, and SUSTAIN THEM. Don't stop; continue. BE CONSISTENT. Have patience. And give yourself big ups all the time.

Max Daniels