Body of Knowledge Weekly:


We’ll spend a year together planting seeds, cultivating new habits, and harvesting the good stuff 🍎

We’ll spend a year together planting seeds, cultivating new habits, and harvesting the good stuff 🍎

A lot of you have asked for this kind of program. You have said to me, many times, Max, I NEED ACCOUNTABILITY!

You have also mentioned your requirement for safe, judgement-free mentoring.

And for guidance that will make life, eating and habit change easier - not just more action steps or recommended reading. (We won’t be doing that.)

And I know that a lot of you want affordability as well.

Thus, I GOT YOU.

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(And if we haven’t already done some work together, contact me for more info so we can make sure it’s a good fit for you.)

what it is

Body of Knowledge Weekly is a 1:1 year-long program (that you can choose to make shorter, if you like). We will be in touch via email every single week, as you check in with me on your goals and habits.

how it works

Once a week, I will send you a brief email. It’ll have some useful suggestions or distilled research or a story illustrating how - or how not - to do something.

More important, it will contain three questions:

1. What’d you do this week?
2. What are you going to do next week?
3. Is there anything else you want to tell me? Anything you need help with?

I ask. You answer. I respond to your questions. You tell me what you’re doing each week, because You’re the Boss of You. And I’m your partner, not your overlord.

We focus on habit change: Cultivating new desirable habits, demolishing old crappy habits.

Accountability, pure and simple. You report to me. I eagerly await your report. We keep going. At the end of the year: HOLY SMOKES! Hella change.

the details

Once a week, on Friday (Saturday if you’re in Asia), you’ll get an email from me with some ideas for making habit change easier and more permanent. It WON’T take long to read. It WILL make your life better. I will write with

  • tips for tricking your brain into easy habit change

  • reinforcement for resisting #dietculture

  • sane self-care ideas

  • special tips for surviving the holidays

  • how-to's for recovering after slip-ups

And I will ask these questions every week:

1. What did you do this week? What’d you notice?
2. What are you going to do next week? What would get you closer to where you want to be?
3. Is there anything else you want to tell me? Any question I can help you answer>

It will be your job to answer those questions, every week that you want to. Which is not a big job! BUT, for such a tiny email, for such simple questions, THE RESULTS ARE VERRRY PLEASING.

You will have a giant leg up in making the changes you want to see in your life.

(You’ll also have, at the end of the year, an incredible record of how far you’ve come. Which is a very useful power-up when you look at how you want to take it even further the next year.)

So that’s how it works. You get an email from me. You respond, briefly. I write back, briefly. Then we’re done until the following week.

Obviously, our exchange is completely confidential.

And in between emails, you have all the more reason to keep your attention on your actions.

Simple. Powerful. Extremely useful.

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what it's not

Be advised: Body of Knowledge Weekly is not a bells-and-whistles program. No distractions.

Because Keeping it Simple is 1000x more likely to produce wins.

This is also not Weight Watchers or the like. You will not be reporting your weight to me (unless you want to).

This is about habit change and ceasing addictive eating forever. Weight loss happens as a natural result, if you need it.

(Important! Dieting is not involved or recommended, since 98% of diets end in failure, according to a meta-study of virtually every available diet study out there <- thank you forever, research scientists Traci Mann and Janet Tomiyama.)

this is for you

…whether or not you’ve already started to skip the 11pm snacks. Maybe you’re already eating sane meals, and now you want to add more non-food pleasure to your life. You don’t want to lose any ground. You want those positive changes permanently wired in your brain!

Or maybe you’re just getting started. Maybe you want to break the every-night after-dinner-mint followed by a half-dozen donuts habit. That’s cool too. Because…

ACCOUNTABILITY IS GOOD AT EVERY STAGE OF THE GAME. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at this eating thing - or how long you’ve been at this human thing. Even the experts turn to accountability partners to move the needle, create positive change and get things done.


If you’re thinking "I can do this for myself," well … that’s true. Sort of. But if you could do this alone? You probably already would be.

So if what you’re thinking is "I should be able to do this for myself" - meaning you’ve tried it and you can’t do it or you want to and you’re not doing it - well, then you’ve run up against the essential nature of human life. There are 7,000,000,000 of us on this planet for a reason and that is that we do better together.

We are not actually meant to do all the hard things by ourselves.

Do you know about that study showing that overweight people with strong social bonds have better cardiovascular health than superfit go-it-alone types who would never ever think of skipping their run? Zzzzzzz. That study isn’t even surprising.

So if you know you need support and you need it to be affordable, Body of Knowledge Weekly is for you.

It's for you if you kinda know what you need to do, or you know exactly what you need to do - and you’re just not doing it consistently. You need someone to talk it over with, someone to check in with, someone who’s waiting to hear from you.

Fun fact: When the American Society of Training and Development studied accountability, they found that committing to someone else increased the odds of meeting your goal to 65%. Pretty good! But people with a specific accountability appointment - like our weekly email date - ups the chance of success to nearly 95%.

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who I am

This is me, the person who is very eagerly - non-judgmentally, all thumbs up - awaiting your weekly update.

Someone who knows the terrain and can point out the way. Someone who knows where the shortcuts are, and which seeming shortcuts actually lead straight to disaster.

I’m also a person who’s dismantled the binge eating habit, stopped dieting, permanently lost 70 lbs, and wears clothes right off the rack. Founder and First User of a really effective method for becoming a normal eater overnight.

More important, I’ve helped a lot of other women stop bingeing - often after only one session together. My clients have lost anywhere between 15 lbs and 50 lbs in the time we’ve worked together. And there’s no reason why you can’t do it, too - and I know exactly how to make it easy.

people say

"I rediscovered a favorite cute pair of pants, way at the bottom of a drawer, that now fit! Also donated a couple shirts that I bought about 10 pounds ago - now too big." —Michele V.

"You don't have any negative judgment about eating weirdness and I really appreciate that." —Susan H.

"You understand the EXACT challenge I'm facing, so your words really meant something to me. I started to feel better immediately." —Jean L.

“For me it was changing the horrible mental harangue about what an awful person I was for being fat, the cringing shame I felt about it, that I really was not fit for human contact in such a state. It sounds so ludicrous but it was SO REAL and now it is SO GONE.” —Elizabeth G.

the cost

Two choices for you:

  1. Pay all at once, for a year’s partnership: 1 single payment of $997. That’s a 15% discount off the monthly subscription rate.

  2. Pay monthly, by subscription: 12 payments of $97. You can unsubscribe anytime.

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Important note: There are no refunds. It’s a straightforward deal: 52 weeks of short supportive emails from me, with responses to all your replies.

Q & A

Q: I would like to do this but accountability hasn’t worked for me in the past. If I don’t do what I said I was going to do, I wind up falling off the wagon and I don’t want to admit to it so I just ghost.

A: It doesn’t matter to me what you do or don’t do. I’m just there to help you. I’m very interested in knowing how it’s going, but there will be no scoldings. So there’s no reason not to report in, because only good things are going to happen. You will just tell me what you already know. AND THEN I CAN HELP.

But also, you’ll know I’m thinking about you during the week. And you’ll be thinking about writing me during the week. This mental connection has a way of strengthening our resolve to follow through, you know?

Q: I am interested tell me more but I suck at food journal-ing. Sigh.

A: You will be glad to know that food journaling is not required! It is not even particularly encouraged. This is about habits, and if you don’t want to establish a habit of food journaling, that is very fine.

Q: Do I have to have worked with you before? Will this work for me if I haven't done one of your seminars or 1:1 coaching with you?

A: It will if you want to work on habit change! If you are about changing the way you eat or what you weigh, and you want to do it without dieting, habit change is pretty much your only choice. This program is about having a partner in creating what you want this year.

Q: Does it start immediately, as in this Friday or is there another start date?

A: The program starts the first Friday after you sign up. So if you have a particular start date in mind, you can time it the way you like.

But I want to encourage you to do it now, because 1. so much cheaper and 2. this is a VERY lightweight approach we're taking and 3. I think it'll make such a difference for you that you'll be glad you started right away.

Q: Can I try this out, to see if it works for me? Because sometimes I sign up for things and then I don’t do them.

A: Yes you can! You can subscribe by the month, and quit anytime. I’M betting you’re gonna follow through, because this program is easy, lightweight, and PAYS OFF HUGELY.

Q: Do I have to sign up now? I would prefer to start [sometime later].

A: You can sign up anytime. January 1 would be fine. If you sign up now, though, you'll have some support through the winter holidays, and that can be a very fine thing. 

Q: This would be good for me because I’m in Malaysia!

A: Okay that was not actually a question, but you’re right! This is an asynchronous program and thus it will be great for those of you in Asia and other not-in-the-Americas timezones.

Q: Do I have to do it every week? Like, what if I’m on vacation? Or … something happens … that I don’t want to have to report. There could be weeks I don't WANT to tell you everything, if I’m honest.

A: NO PROBLEM. Report in when you can/want. Don’t when you can’t/don’t want. I think consistency is going to give you an advantage, and that’s why I will say again: NO JUDGEMENT. But you, know: Sometimes you’re too busy living life. I get it!

Other questions? Just contact me and I'll be happy to answer them. Or click here to go to the store.