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Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime

If you have been planning to take this workshop for a while and don’t want to read a long page about it again, here’s a button just for you👇

If your eating and weight feel out of control...

...and you want to get them back in control the easy way, and preferably right now 🚑

...and you would really rather not be told that you just need to "eat sensibly" (which - GRRRR! - we all know is usually code for DIET)

...and you ALSO don't want to actually diet, because you know it'll just make you gain weight in the end, like 98% of all dieters

...and Intuitive Eating SOUNDS like it ought to work, but the last time you tried that you ALSO gained weight, and not just a little bit, but a lot this time you're looking for something that ACTUALLY WORKS.

If that's you, if you want to get control of your eating and your habits and your weight and do it without grinding your teeth and do it fast, I do have a method that works. It's also

  • sustainable

  • simple

  • affordable

  • invisible

  • dignified

  • portable

  • pleasurable

  • extremely smart

  • and stunningly easy 🌴

You can become an utterly normal eater from the first class. We will do this by making the switch from bingeing, grazing, dieting, fasting, never-not-eating, and yo-yo’ing to eating meals and enjoying them, and I will teach you exactly how to make this switch easy as pie - a perfectly good food that normal eaters eat, by the way, and you can too.

If this is what you are looking for, read on.

the details

After this workshop, you will

  • have replaced the bingeing / out-of-control eating / grazing / restricting habits with a generous, freedom-filled meal structure that will take care of 80-90% of your problem eating INSTANTLY

  • understand exactly why other approaches don't work, and how to avoid getting sucked into them

  • know how to deal with hunger and cravings

  • have a plan for weight loss (if that’s a goal) and understand what to expect

  • never worry about "emotional" eating or “triggers” again 🥐

  • have a TON of new headspace freed up for other things

  • know why you never need to worry about setbacks, and exactly what to do about them

  • and be very confident that you have a strategy for eating that will serve you for the rest of your life 🗝

What you get

Lessons: Every day for 14 days, you'll get a brief audio lesson and a cheatsheet of the most important takeaways (so you can listen without needing to take notes). We’ll be using a Thinkific website for our curriculum. I’ll put all of your audio, video and text materials there.

Eternal access to materials: All the audios and cheatsheets are downloadable, so you can keep them forever. You can also access the curriculum online in our Thinkific classroom space forever. Either or both: your choice.

Ask me anything all day: We’ll have a dedicated Slack channel for group discussion and connection (because you’ve said you don’t want a Facebook group, and I’m with you on that). If you haven’t used Slack before, no worries. It’s dead simple. And I’ll be there every day for the duration of the workshop.

Live meetings: We'll also have 4 (optional but extremely useful) hour-long video meetings. These will be Q&A / chat meetings, tailored for the precise problem-solving you need. The meetings will all be recorded and available to everyone, whether you attend live or not.

Freedom: No more out-of-control eating. You really can start eating like a normal person right away. And you’ll be doing it your way, not someone else’s.


We'll start on Tuesday May 14 and finish up on Monday May 27th.

Video meetings for Q&A are

  • Tuesday May 14

  • Thursday May 16

  • Tuesday May 21

  • Thursday May 23

  • All meetings are one hour and will start at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific, 8pm London, 4am Tokyo and 5am Sydney the following morning). Again, these will be recorded, so if you can't attend live, no worries!

What you don’t get

A bunch of homework. Simplicity is the keyword here, and homework won’t be needed. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? Ahhh.

The cost?


What happens when I click that button?

You’ll be taken to a checkout page on Thinkific, our class platform, where you can pay with Paypal or a credit card. Once you’ve registered, you’ll get two emails that include

  • all the class meeting times and URLs

  • a Slack invitation for 24/7 discussion and questions

  • login information for our class space

Who is this good for?

Everyone who wants support in ending problem eating, permanently:

  • binge eaters

  • overeaters

  • compulsive eaters

  • unconscious eaters

  • problem eaters

  • any combo type of the above

We will do it the very fastest and easiest possible way.

People say 🙋‍♀️

Here are some things that previous participants wanted you to know:

  • "I would recommend to anyone who is interested in a simple, uncomplicated, no-bullshit approach to eating"

  • “I have lost my life-long (huge!) fear of being hungry. It’s no longer compelling me to overeat.”

  • “I have lost ten pounds, slowly, [since] our workshop.”

  • "You can take this information and begin right away to redo your relationship with food"

  • "I have lost four pounds since the workshop two weeks ago, and it hasn’t felt like a deprivation"

  • "I have not eaten between meals at all since the workshop [two weeks ago]. I've lost 7 pounds. I feel absolutely fine. Not hungry or crazy!"

  • "Your persona "in person" was exactly as I expected it to be from your writing. GenuineWarm. Thoughtful. Confident. EncouragingRespectful of people's unique circumstances."

  • "I would recommend this to anyone who thinks nothing can be done about their weight/eating difficulties. This is doable, flexible, can be personalized to anyone's schedule or particular dietary needs, and most importantly it is something nobody else needs to know about."

  • "You will get concrete steps to work with and it's NOT a diet"

  • "Worth every penny" 💯

Warning: This is NOT for you if 

  • you’re in a hurry to drop the weight (that’s not typically how it works, at least if you don’t want it to come back with a vengeance)

  • you have a medical condition that causes you to gain or retain weight (I’m not a doctor)

  • you believe that we need to talk about feelings, personal history and matters of the soul in order to create actual change

What we are doing is demolitions work on a really terrible habit that you don't need anymore. We are going straight at it with our dynamite and our helmets on and we are going to demolish it for good. Together.

(And then if you want to work on your personal history or your relationship or your employment prospects, you’ll be in an amazingly strong, undistracted position to do so.)

Bold claims, Mrs. Lady! How do you know?

I’ve done the testing. I’ve spent 30 years in the field, trying every diet, all of which “worked” great, if by “work” you mean they led in the end (read: 48 hours later) to frantic binge eating and weight gain.

I’ve tried all the methods, too, except surgery. I’ve read 1,000 of the hundred thousand books. I’ve spent literally years of my life in ashrams wondering what kind of spiritual understanding those skinny *&%^#s had that I didn’t, pretending I was there for the spiritual growth and not because I just wanted to eat like a normal person, which I couldn't admit to anyone.

I’ve been to workshop after workshop and all the retreats. I’ve let a single raisin melt in my mouth for more than five minutes, meditating with Essential Raisin-ness, on several occasions. I've been to Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous. I've tapped. I had therapy. I struck bargains. I ruined my knees running and also prostrating <- not kidding; recovered Buddhist.

I would have paid anything to solve this problem sooner. Say, when my kids were little, and giving more attention to them than to my obsessions - the wobble in my thighs and the location of the nearest pan of brownies - would really have counted. But instead, I kept eating. 

And I stayed fat. 

Like, really pretty darn fat. (At one point, 200+ lbs on a 5’3” frame.)

Eventually I had to admit that I probably ate too much 🤓. And it still took me a long time to figure out exactly how to change that, because I had a very established habit of bingeing and even more entrenched habit of overeating. 

But I did find a way to eat less that quickly became easy. I found a way to get control of my eating that cost me the least possible effort and zero cash and gave me a huge return, in contrast to all the diets and exercise plans I’d tried that left me weak and hopeless and self-hating and gave me NOTHING IN RETURN but the most temporary weight losses.

And I although I used to think there would always be a binge somewhere in my future, now I know absolutely I will never binge again. There is simply no need. I don’t deprive myself of any food. I don’t get anxious about a future of starvation or a holiday without cake.

And I used to think I’d always be fat, but I’m not. I’m of normal weight. I buy my clothes - cute clothes, too! - right off the rack.

My clients get similar results. In fact, most of them never binge again after the very first time we talk.

So I know this is possible, and I also know now that the reason why normal eating and normal weight are so elusive is that we’ve gotten transfixed by secrets, complex methods and exotic protocols. We miss the obvious. The basics.

Which are 98% of success.

Important note: I don’t have any secrets for you. There are no secrets. (Unless you think “Smoke a lot and walk everywhere very fast in 6-inch heels!” is a secret. Good luck with those methods.)

What I do have for you is the simplest, fastest way to

1. start eating normally 
2. stop binging immediately and 
3. quit the habit of overeating as painlessly as possible

and of course, lose weight permanently.

It doesn’t take long at all. 

It’s not even that hard. 

None of it will be weird. 

You can do it. You can totally do it.

So if you want someone to just get to the point and tell you exactly how to do it, without exercises, prescriptions, or shopping lists, that’s what I got for you.

You can take what I give you and implement it immediately: at home, at work, on holidays, at restaurants, family gatherings.

Use this, and you never need to be out of control with your eating ever again, as long as you live.