Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime is a workshop for people (all genders) who are fed up with dieting, bingeing and stress eating.

Here is an actually easy way <- yep, easy way - to stop eating compulsively, stop feeling ashamed and judged, stop gaining weight and eat like a normal person, forever, starting immediately.

This is a two-week workshop with live video meetings and downloadable audio modules and cheat sheets. The workshop takes place 2-3x every year.

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Mentoring and Accountability


Body of Knowledge Weekly is an affordable year of personal mentoring and accountability.

Many of my clients quit bingeing after a single meeting, even if they’ve binged every night for decades. Because it’s much faster than you might think to break old eating habits. You can start doing it the minute you get your hands on the easy way.

Still, there are some things that don’t happen in an hour: losing weight, implementing new strategies, experimenting.

Reliable weekly support along the way will pay off in big success. There’s 7 billion of us here for a reason: To help each other. Thus, I got you.

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1:1 Weekend


Everything you need to stop bingeing and overeating in one unbelievably delightful, delicious, fun and luxurious weekend. Arrive on Friday evening ready to get rid of everything that's held you back. Go home Sunday afternoon knowing, 100 percent, that you will never binge, stress eat, diet or in any way flip your @#%* over food again. And that weight loss is already happening already.

In between, we will eat, drink, laugh ourselves senseless, go there, demolish every obstacle in your path, and get this thing taken care of so you can live your glorious life in a much, much cuter pair of jeans.

For the rest of your life, this weekend will be in your Top 5. Contact me to set up a free call to discuss details, including pricing and scheduling.