Max Daniels

Stop dieting, bingeing and gaining weight today.

It’s so much easier than you’ve been told.


Every diet you go on just leaves you fatter.

It's true. Every single weight loss study that has followed dieters longterm has come to the same conclusion: 98% of people who go on diets to lose weight gain it all back within two years. AND THEN SOME.

What a waste of time.

And most of the alternatives are just as bad.

Health at Every Size (HAES) practically says that weight is just an aspect of health not even worth addressing.

Intuitive Eating and "mindful" eating are well known for weight gain.

And every piece of nutrition research that comes out just leaves us wondering Well what even can I still eat?!?

There is a better way. And it's so much easier than they tell you.

Hi! My name is Max Daniels. I’m a coach, writer, and recovered binge eater who once had the silhouette of a large kitchen appliance.



I'm also the founder and first user of Body of Knowledge, a simple, affordable, sustainable and dignified way to:

  • quit bingeing

  • quit dieting

  • quit stress eating

  • become a normal eater

  • and lose weight.

Many of my clients quit bingeing and get their food under control after one meeting, even if they've been eating compulsively for decades.

My method teaches two simple things:

  1. A way of eating that you know as "meals." It's a 12,000-year-old solution to a universal human problem - survival - and it's been hiding in plain sight for the last few generations. (Especially in the English-speaking world.)

  2. A way of dissolving the habits of overeating, compulsive eating, stress eating, bingeing, grazing and all manner of habitual problematic eating by regaining control of your own brain. (Which has been hijacked by some habit machinery that's no longer useful.)

I don’t promise rapid weight loss - and you already know that rapid weight loss only leads to rapid weight gain, no matter what they tell you at the diet store.

I can offer a way for you to end bingeing immediately, become a normal eater before bedtime tonight, and wake up in a blinding halo of self-respect tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life.

It's not even hard.


Breaking the habit of bingeing and overeating is actually pretty simple, and it doesn't need to take a long time.

Even if you feel like you've tried everything and you are just about out of patience for trying things.

Even if you are highly skeptical and thoroughly sick of being faked out by methods dressed up as “This is completely not a diet!” and "Never diet again!" that completely turn out to be diets.

Even if you're getting older and starting to believe all those people who say "Midlife weight gain is inevitable! Nothin' you can do it about it!" (No. They’re wrong.)

And even if you're at the highest weight you've ever been, and down to just about your last shred of hope.

When you finally get your hands on a method that actually works, you can start turning this around today.

That’s what we do here.

I put this program together when I finally found, after many years of personal weight and eating struggles, a method that actually worked. A way of eating with the power to end obsession and compulsion and weight gain - that hardly anyone seemed to be talking about! It was hiding in plain sight, buried under a lot of diet talk and "intuitive" eating, and "mindfulness," and "gratitude" and other supposed solutions that for so many women just lead to more out-of-control eating, more self-loathing - and more weight.

Instead, Body of Knowledge is a very small set of tools that let us

  • establish the habit of eating meals (some of us for the first time ever)

  • dismantle the habit of compulsive eating and dieting and bingeing

That’s pretty much the whole thing. The method is easy to learn, you can put it into practice right away, and because it’s flexible and sustainable and simple and invisible (important!), you can use anywhere you go, as long as you need it. This method doesn’t ask that you accommodate it; it accommodates you, and your life.

There’s no weighing, counting, measuring, logging, combining, praying, meditating, special breathing or anything extra at all.

It’s just … EATING.

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