The problem we CAN solve

I’ve heard from a few more of you about current events this past week. One person said “You assumed I share your politics.”

Quite the opposite! I assume we DON’T all have the same politics. I mean, I support Universal Basic Income.* I may be a bit nutty, but not so nutty as to assume that all 1,000+ of you do too.

I DO assume we share some important values though. 

I assume we share the value of sovereignty for women: autonomy, safety, opportunity, dignity and full humanity.

I assume all of us want freedom from food and weight obsession as well as from the diet culture that fuels them.

And because I have spoken with so many of you, I know we all value courtesy and kindness and generosity.

And that is more than enough to be going on together with. So let’s keep going because we can't solve all the world's issues this week, but we CAN solve our eating problems, and we can actually do that rather quickly.

Could you use some 1:1 coaching?

Because maybe you're not the group type. Maybe you would prefer me all to yourself. Plenty do.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, contact me. We'll make a date to have a phone chat and make sure we're a good fit for each other.

I'll say it again: BECOMING A NORMAL EATER is so much quicker and easier than we're told.

Max Daniels