How to fit in chairs...

Image:  Journal des Dames et des Modes, Costume Parisien, 1799, An 7 (132) : Chapeau de Paill (...), anonymous, 1799 , Rijksmuseum. Used with permission.

Image: Journal des Dames et des Modes, Costume Parisien, 1799, An 7 (132) : Chapeau de Paill (...), anonymous, 1799, Rijksmuseum. Used with permission.

This week a client wrote:

LOVE being a part of your weekly email program. Still. I was seduced by [diet app].

I hate that I’m dieting. But I also hate how big I am. I'm not living the life I want. I’m achy and tired all the time. I worry about fitting in chairs and such.

So: is there a way to lose weight with what you are teaching?

The short answer

YES, absolutely. In almost every case,all you need to do to lose weight is to eat less than you're eating now.And don't diet, because that will slow you down.

The longer answer

The main objective in my work is to demolish obsession and establish dignity and sanity. 

Weight loss is secondary, and can be effortless and quick. Unavoidable, even.

If you want it to be relatively easy and fast, don't diet. And when I say diet, I mean this:

A rigid, standardized, restrictive plan for eating intended to create a fairly extreme calorie deficit, for the purpose of rapid weight loss. <<< That's a diet.

DON'T DO THAT. Extreme calorie deficits always backfire.Diets always end in a binge.The restriction / indulgence cycle always ends with indulgence. The body will always compensate for lack. 

It's hard impossible to lose weight in a restriction / indulgence loop. Consistency is what works. So you might need a little more structure than what you've provided for yourself so far.

Thus, maybe an app would help. If you can use an app without becoming more obsessive, great. Use an app.

If you need help with meal suggestions and food portions, go get em. The world is full of such advice. I once heard Geneen Roth suggest Weight Watchers to someone - because that person just wasn't providing herself with the structure she so obviously needed.

(I do NOT endorse WW or the like, just to be clear.)

All humans need structure in the area of food -not just people who struggle with their weight or with bad habits. If you have structure, you can repeat results. If you don't have structure, it's much harder to see progress and keep it going. 

So to summarize, here's how you lose weight

  • eat less

  • keep eating less

  • have a structure for eating that lets you observe, learn, improve

  • don't create an unsustainable deficit - get enough to eat

  • have a way to work with your brain and break habits

  • don't be grim; make it fun

  • get support from someone who knows how to do all the above

If you're interested in getting expert support

Check out my weekly mentoring and accountability program by clicking here. You can sign up through JUNE 30. (Spots will open up again in the fall.)

Max Daniels