Do you mind the pounds? Or do you mind the pennies?


Okay, I know that saying is about MONEY, not weight.

Still, here’s an inescapable and broadly applicable fact: There’s a lot of pennies to every pound. If you’re minding the pennies, you’re putting your beady little eye on a lot of pesky little details. 

If that sounds like fun, don’t let me stop you. But if you’d prefer to count stitches or beats or perhaps not count at all, here’s a win:

Mind the pounds. Mind the big stuff. Don’t sweat the little things; in fact you could just start by ignoring the details.

In our world, that looks like doing a couple big things a day, like eating meals. You will see big wins from following one simple principle:

Have a structure for eating.

That’s it! Don’t starve, don’t binge, don’t graze, and don't be making a million small decisions about food

Instead, eat meals (mostly meals built on real food).

You may benefit from a few additional details, so if you haven’t read my little cheat sheet, please avail yourself by getting on my mailing list. I promise if you have difficulties with food, the information therein will make your life SO MUCH EASIER.

If you never do anything else, putting in place a simple, flexible structure for eating will permanently change your life for the better.

Max Daniels