How do you just "LET GO," anyway???

If you have struggled with food and weight and eating...

...and been told to “just drop the struggle!” you may have known murderous rage. (I certainly have.) WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, I have asked, aloud and to myself. 

The answer I always seemed to get back, especially from spiritual folk and other seekers and self-improvers was: You just let go! You just stop fighting! You just give up the struggle!

No one could tell me HOW, of course. (You may already know: There IS no “how.” Letting go is not actually an action to be performed.) Folks who like to tell you to do impossible things, when asked to explain, can only repeat themselves. Which is exactly what a lot of people in my life did, thinking they were dispensing advice about how to quit bingeing.

Most of those dumdums were not giving good advice because 1. they didn’t have any earthly idea what binge eating disorder is like and 2. they didn’t have anything for me other than sitting meditation, which, guess what? MEDITATION WORKS GREAT IF YOU HAVE YEARS (perhaps lifetimes, in some cases) to devote to it.

Same for intuitive eating. Yes you can figure that out as well but it's going to take some time. It won't happen today and meanwhile it's very likely your "intuition" will lead you to put on QUITE A FEW pounds.

So as I am always saying:

If you want to become a normal eater by bedtime - and you can become a normal eater today, forever - your only hope is to find a really, really easy path.

Because only truly easy things can be accomplished in a couple hours.

Thus, our method is TRULY EASY. I will show you how to make the lightning fast transition from 

  • binge eater

  • overeater

  • compulsive eater

  • unconscious eater

  • problem eater 

  • any combo type of the above

to utterly normal eater - again, on the first day. We will do this by making the switch from bingeing, grazing, dieting, fasting, never-not-eating, and yo-yo’ing to eating meals, and I will teach you exactly how to make this switch easy as pie - a perfectly good food that normal eaters eat, by the way, and you can too.

Then what you see is that problem eating LETS GO OF YOU. It just lets go and wanders away, perhaps never to be seen again.

The format

I'll send you a brief audio every day for 14 days. We'll start with The Problem Solver, aka Meals: How to Revive this Lost Art In the Best Way for You. That's so you can transform your eating and start feeling like a gloriously normal eater (which you will be) on Day 1.

We'll have 4 (optional but extremely useful) hour-long video meetings. These will be Q&A / chat meetings, rather than instructional, tailored for the precise problem-solving you need. The meetings will all be recorded and available to everyone, whether you attend or not.

This format represents a change from the previous half-day firehose seminars I did in 2018. I think you'll like it better 

The timing

We'll start on Friday February 1st and finish on Valentine's Day, February 15th. Video meeting times TBA.

The cost

$299. No increase from last year.

Who this is for

Everyone who wants support in ending problem eating the very fastest possible way. BONUS: While we're in there, I'll show you how you can use our habit-dissolving method on any other pesky things, too.

Registration will open next week. 

Meantime, if you have questions, don't hesitate to drop me a note. I will get right back to you.

Max Daniels