The withering glance ๐Ÿ™„

Mumโ€™s the word.

Mumโ€™s the word.

Lots of you wrote in to share your favorite ways of shutting down diet talk. Thank you all! I had many good laughs.

Here are some of your ideas:

Ruth says, Itโ€™s the withering glance for me! I find that kind of talk soooo self-righteous and just more than I can bear. [If you're really worried about someone] then letโ€™s have a private, caring conversation, maybe toss in some legit research. [Ed. note: research is always good!]

Rebekah says: Favorite retort: SILENCE. [Ed. note: Respect! This is extremely advanced. Some of us have to work up to that.]

Beth says: "I'm so sick of talking about diets. Let's change the subject!" [Ed. note: Direct and irreproachable. Nice!]

Flo says: "What you are saying is very interesting! On my side, i am just trying to love myself as I am!โ€ [Ed. note: Also irreproachable. There is no insulting comeback possible now.]

Debbie says: In response to ANY invasive or inappropriate question on any topic I smile sweetly and ask "Oh, are you taking a survey?" Shuts 'em up every time! [Ed. note: BOOM.]

Susan says: When people talk about how they lost 3-4-6 pounds in a few days on some pseudo science fad diet I love to silently calculate how many calories they would have to eliminate to make that happen. Usually impossible. Same when people say they gained 3-4-5 pounds in a single weekend. I try to think of it as entertaining listening. [Ed. note: If you're really feeling bold you might whip out your calculator, and if asked what you're doing, just smile.]

May none of us be plagued with diet conversation at the table ever again ๐Ÿ™

Finally, it seems impossible, but summer will be upon us soon. (In coastal New England, probably about two weeks after spring arrives, which it hasn't yet.) Anyway.

Before we all get into a different rhythm and head off to the beach with our steamy and/or chilling novels, I want to give you the opportunity - not to get a "beach body" because you have that if you have a body that can get to the beach but to get some peace of mind with food and eating and weight, because you've got the means for making easy, permanent and meaningful changes.

So my Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime workshop is going to take place again in May, and registration will open up soon. If you're on my mailing list, you'll get a nice subscriber's discount, so look out for that. And if youโ€™re not, you should probably avail yourself asap by signing up.

Image: Prosperous Calvinist Family, anonymous, 1627, Rijksmuseum. Used with permission.

Max Daniels