Easy problems v hard problems

There are problems that are hard to have, but truly easy to solve .  Image:  Seated Girl in Peasant Costume,  Gerard ter Borch (II), c. 1650 - c. 1660, Rijksmuseum. Used with permission.

There are problems that are hard to have, but truly easy to solve.

Image: Seated Girl in Peasant Costume, Gerard ter Borch (II), c. 1650 - c. 1660, Rijksmuseum. Used with permission.

Some problems are truly hard.

First, a quick note that if you ran into Paypal trouble when you tried to sign up for Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime, apologies! You can now register and pay for the class with a credit card. And really appreciate everyone who let me know about the problem.

Now then! I am forever saying that solving eating problems is much easier than they tell you. And that's true! There are problems that are hard to have, but truly easy to solve. And there are problems that are quite hard to solve, but actually not so hard to have.

Here's an example: I am having the trickiest time trying to lose a few pounds of fat off my body. I mean, SO HARD. Turns out, it's impossible to gain a lot of muscle without some fat riding shotgun, and now my pants are tight.

And you might think OH BOO $%*@ING HOO, Max. And I wouldn't blame you.

Believe me, nobody at the gym is pointing at my little pronounced thigh wobble. Not when I've got over 100 lbs on my shoulders. I'm like Wonder Woman. Only better, because unlike Wonder Woman, I have no modesty! I’m squatting and heaping praise on myself. I’m just frankly admiring myself in the mirror! Smiling all over and feeling the burn in the best possible way.

So, not hard. This Gym Life could never be hard for a person who used to drink her roommate's maple syrup out of the jug in the middle of the night, under the light of the fridge bulb. Roommate THEFT and frantic bingeing - now THAT is hard. That is a 1000x harder problem than trying to trim a couple percentage points of fat from your body.

If you are reading this and thinking, well I still have more of the syrup-chugging type of problems, AND I HAVEN'T SOLVED them yet, then I want you to know that I get it. And I got you. Painful out-of-control eating is what Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime is here to demolish.


Secret eating, compulsive eating, frantic eating, binge eating, stress eating and compensating with starving, only to overcompensate again with bingey eating: THOSE are the kind of problems that while VERY hard to live with, are actually pretty easy to solve.

In Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime, we start solving them on Day 1, first by getting enough to eat.

This is our foundation: You are fully authorized, as a human being in a body, to EAT, several times a day. Because that's how humans do life on Planet Earth, and you're no exception.

So if you're sick of being unnecessarily hungry a lot of the time, and sick of overcompensating and then putting on weight when the starvation diets get to be too much, well, we can put a pretty quick end to that misery. We can swap out the shame and feeling Less-Than for dignity and self-respect pretty much immediately.

And then, if you are left with easier problems to have, like how to drop a few pounds, you will have much more hope, headspace and good cheer with which to tackle them. (We'll start addressing that sort of problem - a weight problem - on Day 3.)

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Praise from BNEB alumnae ️

"I just had to say how brilliant this all is. So many of the elements are revelations. The one that is really alive for me today is the part where you don’t have to figure out the root cause of why your eating is not how you want it to be. OMG. That is so crucial. Thank you for naming that useless habit. Thank you for releasing that from me." —Cyndi Lee, creator of Om Yoga and author of May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga and Changing My Mind

"The most valuable thing I gained from the workshop is that I have lost my life-long (huge!) fear of being hungry. I have experienced it now, and that fear is no longer compelling me to overeat." —a February 2018 BNEB alum

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