Have we mentioned vegetables?

Hello friends! Wanted to let you know that my next live workshop will be in EARLY 2020. Most of us - including me - wanted it to be sooner, but I have to admit there isn't time on the schedule this fall.

(Because step-grandson! Who is teaching me all over again that food IS love, and don't let anyone tell ya different.)

However: In the meantime, if you are looking for ongoing support, personal attention, and some smart, effective engineering to make FOOD, WEIGHT and EATING work exceptionally well, I will be opening up Body of Knowledge Weekly in two weeks. So mark your calendars.

Because YES: There will be a subscriber discount.

Now then: Two things this week:

1. Intermittent fasting experiment: current status

I will give you a deeper evaluation at the end of the year on how that No More Breakfast aka Intermittent Fasting is going, but today I will just let you know that I spent the last couple weeks hiking all over South Dakota, Colorado and Nevada and 100% defied [my husband's] predictions of my PERISHING FROM HUNGER ON THE TRAIL.

That's right! I got up, ate nothing, went out on the trail (took plenty of water every time of course) and didn't die, not even once. Husband still can't believe it. And that makes a full three months of no breakfast.

Here I am in the Badlands not even slightly dead:

Not even slightly dead.

Not even slightly dead.

I AM NOT RECOMMENDING intermittent fasting TO ANYONE. I'm just experimenting for myself, and finding absolutely nothing wrong with waiting until lunchtime to start eating.

It's interesting data on hunger, for sure.


2. Eating less of "normal" food aka portion control

We were talking over in Body of Knowledge Weekly about the idea of "enough," and we meant "enough FOOD" to satisfy, and nothing extra, but we also wound up talking about enough in terms of effort. Is it ENOUGH to eat meals, and eat a little less during them? Is that enough of a difference to make the difference we're looking for?

Eating meals and setting limits is going to result in ENORMOUS IMMEDIATE WINS, among them a huge shot of self-respect. Dignity! Efficacy! The end of drama, angst and shame. The end of bingeing and breaking promises to yourself.

Man, it's GOOD!

However, if you're looking to lose a lot of weight, permanently, it's probably not going to be enough to eat less of what the world's eating. If you could maintain a pleasurable weight eating the way so-called "normal" people eat, or the way advertisers and Big Agra tell you that normal people eat, you would have gotten there already.A big change in weight is likely to require a more sweeping change in diet.

And we resist this, because we want it ALL, including second helpings of pecan pie. (And because we haven't changed our brains yet.)

But I will tell you that a diet rich in whole foods, lightly processed single-ingredient foods, single-ingredient foods in combination with other single-ingredient foods,foods like vegetables, fruits and fungi:that kind of diet= LEANNESS of body.

If that sounds like the WORST NEWS EVER, hit Reply and tell me why. What sounds unworkable about that? What about that makes you want to rush out and buy one last case of Mallomars? Hit me.

And we will keep talking about this.

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